Tamasha Celebrating 25 years

of culinary excellence


Offering 10% discount on food for all diners and 15% discount for all take-away from 1st July to 31st August 2017

(Not valid for Sunday buffet, taste card and gourmet card holders)

Desserts & Hot Beverages

 Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun

Orange & Chocolate Fondant

Orange & Chocolate Fondant


Kala Jamun
Traditional Curd cheese dumplings stuffed with Pistachio and seeped in syrup.
(Recommended Kala Jamun with flambe)

Kulfi - Indian ice-cream
Mango, Pistachio and Malai flavour

Vanilla or Chocolate

Elder flower or Mango

Orange & Chocolate Fondant
Moist chocolate sponge with a warm centre infused with orange juice and zest with a warm heart of rich melted chocolate

Blueberry Parfait
A smooth creamy vanilla parfait on a plain joconde sponge base with blueberry glaze

White Chocolate Parfait
A light white chocolate parfait on a plain joconde base finished with a glaze
and dark chocolate stripes

Grand Marnier Soufflé
A chocolate containing a grand mariner soufflé chocolate vermicelli, dusted with cocoa powder

White & Dark Chocolate Truffle
A dark chocolate truffle on a chocolate joconde base, topped with a white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze

Lemon Tartlet
Lemon curd on a sweet short crust pastry base, glazed to perfection

Mulled Wine Pudding
A steamed pudding with autumn fruits stewed in a spiced mulled wine mix


Hot Beverages


Tamasha Coffee - Coffee flambéed with Cognac, Kirsch and Cointreau and served in caramelized glasses - an unusually exotic show (minimum order 2 persons)
Regular or Decaffeinated
Cream Coffee Floater
Cafe Latte
Irish Coffee
Royal Coffee
Liqueur Coffee
Café Coretto (A shot of espresso with a shot of Grappa 25ml)

We highly recommend that you try our desserts with one of our award winning dessert wine - Anekena (Chile) - by the glass or bottle

Remy Martin V.S.O.P
Remy Martin/Hennessey/Courvoisier X.O.
Remy Martin- Louis X III

Amaretto/ Absinthe/ Baileys/ Benedictine//Galliano/Grand Marnier/ Cointreau
Kahlua/ Kummel Wolfschmit/ Drambuie/ Midori/ Tia Maria/Sambuca/ Black Sambuca

Taylor’s 10 YO
Port (Vintage)
Port (regular)

Grappa (50ml)

Single Malts
Glenfiddich 18YO, Speyside
Lagavulin 16YO, Islay
The Glenlivet 12YO, Speyside
Highland Park 12YO, Orkney
Yamazaki 10 YO, Japan
Amrut 10 YO, India

Blended Scotch
Royal Salute 21YO
Johnnie Walker Blue 21YO
Johnnie Walker Gold 18YO

For more choice of spirits and drinks please ask a member of our team for more information on our range.
All servings of spirits and liqueurs are served at 25ml unless stated otherwise.

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